Athleisure cosmetics | for active lifestyles

Athleisure cosmetics | for active lifestyles

Sweat-proof makeup has been around for a while, but savvy companies are rebranding it as "athleisure" for a slice of the health-conscious Millennial market.

Socialising at the gym or after exercising is the norm for the selfie-obsessed Millennial generation. And while the emphasis on active lifestyles continues to grow, innovative cosmetic companies are jumping on the trend, creating a new line of moisture ready/ waterproof cosmetics, and marketing them as "athleisure" – workout-specific makeup.

Millennials exercise more, eat healthier and smoke less than their parent's and grandparent's generations. Going to the yoga studio or gym is becoming the place to socialise.

If they aren't socialising while working out, they meet friends for coffee, brunch or a cocktail straight after a class. So it's only natural that they want to look their best during and after exercise.

And, with money to burn, they are demanding makeup that is:

  • made from natural ingredients
  • breathable
  • comfortable to wear
  • won't clog pores
  • can withstand sweat, and
  • achieves a natural look.

However, it's not just the selfie-ready Millennials demanding makeup that can stand up to a sweat-soaked spin class.

Some athletes feel their confidence is boosted when wearing a little makeup, which results in a better performance on the field/court/track.

While women who power through the day going from one appointment to the next want to enhance their appearance with a minimal makeup look, and they want it to look as good at the end of the day as it did after the first application.

Clever marketing may be the key if you want to expand into new markets or find another way to upsell your athletic-appropriate cosmetic lines.

Athleisure products include mineral foundations, mascaras, hydrating lip balms, highlighters, bronzers, cheek tints, brow gel, and tinted moisturisers with SPF.

Day Moisturiser SPF15 daily cream keeps your skin moisturised and protected.

Microslip 519 can be used for face powders, blushes, mascara, eye shadow, makeup bases, sunscreens, foundations, creams and lotions. Provides excellent heat resistance and lubricity. Offers superior flow properties. Enhances the feel of the cosmetic formulation. Reduces the oily feeling. Possesses SPF enhancer.

Perfomalene 400 It is a linear, low molecular weight polyethylene wax. It acts as a rheology modifier, film-forming and oil-thickening agent. It has low melt viscosity, a linear backbone, low molecular weight, and is hydrophobic. It is easy to formulate. It has improved stick stability, efficient oil structure, SPF enhancement, and uniform pay-out and provides a matte appearance and light feel on the skin. It forms a comfortable and flexible film with improved oil phase stability and water resistance. It is used in creams, lotions, hair waxes, sticks, facial scrubs and sunscreens.

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