Charcoal is the new black | modern culinary twist

Charcoal is the new black | modern culinary twist

Food is getting a black makeover with food-grade activated charcoal!

If you have been keeping up with Trulux blogs, you will have read about the incredible pulling power of activated charcoal in medicine and when applied topically in skincare. But did you know that there is a current trend for black food?

Yep, licorice, squid ink and food-grade activated charcoal are making a dramatic entrance into the catering business and have been found in ice cream, burger buns, salad dressings and cocktails!

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What’s all the fuss about?

As mentioned in our blog, Activated Charcoal has been used for medicinal purposes since Ancient Egyptian times because of its power to draw out impurities, such as bacteria and poisons, from the body.

More recently, a modern twist has been applied to the old remedy in the form of black beverages and food.


When ingested, it is said to purify blood to help those wanting a general detox. It is also used to reduce flatulence, whiten teeth and cure hangovers. Cheers!


Cocktail photo courtesy of Shannon Sturgis 

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