Cosmetics Samples for Your Brand | Building Consumer Appeal

Cosmetics Samples for Your Brand | Building Consumer Appeal

In an increasingly e-commerce world, developing sampling initiatives are key to enticing consumers. Cosmetics samples allow consumers to see, touch and smell a product before buying. As the cosmetics industry shifts to more online sales, brands need to find solutions to get new products in front of customers.

When developing your cosmetics samples strategy, it is important to liaise with your manufacturer to ensure that the product maintains its integrity in different packaging.

Consider more than one sample size.

Cosmetics samples can be given for free, or sold at a different price point.

Smaller samples in foil sachets or blisters are more cost-friendly, while deluxe samples or travel sizes that mimic the look of the full-size product are perfect for selling separately or in sets.

Deluxe samples or ‘minis’ often include features that provide the same application experience as the full-size product, such as spray pumps or brushes. These sizes are ideal for including in ‘gift with purchase’ promotions or other promotions, and offer a memorable product experience for the consumer.

Travel sizes are usually slightly larger and look like tiny versions of the full-size product. The best travel sizes adhere to carry-on restrictions on international flights, as it allows the consumer to take the product with them everywhere. Haircare brands, in particular, benefit greatly from travel sets.

Make time for testing.

Whenever new packaging is introduced, products must be stringently tested to ensure that there are no issues.

The most effective cosmetics samples duplicate the consumer experience with a full-size package. This means that the formulation has to be tested to ensure that smaller pumps, tubes or sprays are able to efficiently dipsense product.

Specific formulas can also cause compatibility issues with sample packaging. Oil-based formulations, for example, are not always compatible with the films in foil sachets.

Presentation is key.

The sample’s design needs to evoke your brand from the outset. Consider mirroring the graphics on the product’s cartons on the sample, or die-cut the sample card to mimic the shape of the bottle.

Producing tri-pack sachets is a cost-effective means of communicating a multi-step routine or products that work together. For example, tri-packs are ideal for producing samples of shampoo, conditioner and styling products.

With the rise of digital social media and the social savvy consumer, packaging that photographs well and performs perfectly as soon as its opens is a must.



Image courtesy of Beauty Tools.

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