DIY beauty trend | on the rise

DIY beauty trend | on the rise

DIY beauty is on the rise in online searches across the US, Japan and France – and it’s a trend that the beauty industry in Australia should keep a close eye on.

In its 2017 Beauty Trends Report, Google highlighted that DIY beauty would be a dominating trend in the coming year. According to its findings, the term ‘DIY beauty’ grew by 38%, while searches using the terms ‘recipe’ and ‘homemade’ are in decline.

The trend is closely linked to consumer appetite for personalised beauty and ‘naturals’, especially in the Millennial target market.

And one category doing exceptionally well in these online searches is masks.

While there is a lot of activity around facial masks in all three markets, in Japan, interest in shows goes beyond the face, with searches including covers for legs, cuticles, hands, and heels. This trend for body masks in Japan may soon take off in the US and France and is another category to watch.

Another trend on the rise in the US is vegan skin care. Although volume numbers are still relatively small, this category grew by 83%.

Pre-empting the future

One entrepreneurial Canadian cosmetics company pre-empting the future in cosmetics recently launched branded DIY kits on the French market.

The company claims: consumers are looking to get back to basics and prefer to select a few natural ingredients “rather than a list of 20 unpronounceable ones”.

It aims to provide consumers with the knowledge and the ingredients needed to tailor their skincare to their unique skin and hair care needs.

The highly customisable kits include cleansing, moisturising, body care, spa-style pampering, haircare, and men’s body care.

Inside each kit are: essential oils, plant-based oils, instructions and the container for the finished product. Some kits include algae, powdered clays, and dried flower petals, while others require the consumer to add fresh ingredients from their fridge or pantry.

Next door in Germany, a cosmetics company is also tapping into the customised beauty trend. It recently opened a beauty-boutique concept shop in Berlin where customers select and mix ingredients in the store to create personalised lip gloss or nail polish.

Although no other storefronts are planned for the immediate future, the company will tour the country with a mobile version of the DIY lip gloss station this year.

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