Grooming is booming | Millennial style

Grooming is booming | Millennial style

Male grooming is the new black.

The image of the tough Aussie male has taken a backseat. Millennial males have forgone the rough diamond for a more polished appearance, albeit with an attitude that harks back to an earlier era. With hair. Lots of hair. Facial hair. Stylish hair.

Millennial males are heading into barbers shops and grooming parlours for a shave, clip and pamper. They’ve got money to burn and a social media image to maintain. Welcome to the new world of male grooming.

According to US retail consultants McMillanDoolittle, the Men’s Grooming market has more than doubled in the past ten years and is forecast to continue to rise, “outpacing the predicted growth of other personal care segments, such as fragrance, haircare, and skincare”.

Another study across 11 countries in the Americas, Europe and Australia found that 47% of Millennial men enjoy shopping for fashionable products.

If you haven’t expanded your business model to include male grooming products, don’t panic! Trulux has you covered. We have a wide range of luxurious men’s shaving and hair products that you can decanter, relabel and call your own.

Bearded beauties

With the resurgence in beards and other facial hair styles in the Millennial age bracket, shaving, trimming, and clipping are just part of their personal care regime. Classes range from goatees, lamb-chop sideburns, and full-faced beards. What is perhaps surprising is this trend has been going strong for some years and doesn’t look like dissipating any time soon. Millennial men enjoy grooming their facial features and are delighted with its results.

And why wouldn’t they, when there are shaving creams, gels, balms and oils, perfect their style and shaving performance?

Shave Gel

Infused with tea tree oil and plant extracts, our Shave Gel gives men a luxurious shaving experience. It leaves skin refreshed and provides a close, clean shave to boot!

Shave Foam

Our Shave Foam has a creamy consistency and leaves skin with a silicon-like feel. Infused with natural extracts, it protects the skin and prevents it from drying out and irritating.

Shave Serum

Rich in moisture, our Shave Serum provides a smooth shave and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. This light serum is designed to give a close and comfortable shave while protecting the skin from damage.

Shave Cream

Rich and moisturising, Shave Cream reduces razor drag and provides a cushion to protect the skin for an incredibly smooth shaving experience, and leaves skin luxuriously conditioned.

Aftershave Balm

This aftershave doubles as a moisturiser. Balmy! Containing an advanced super-moisture complex, the balm absorbs rapidly into the skin to produce optimal moisture levels and protects the skin from shaving irritation and dryness.

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Hair’s the difference.

Millennial males are not only sporting dashing beards; they are taking pride in their manes. Short back and sides are the starts of a modern haircut, and the longer hair on top is tousled, gelled, or brushed back to fall gracefully behind the back of the head. Whatever the style, the secret to keeping the man-do from undoing is a little hair product.

Tousled look

You need a defining gel for a natural, unkept but stylish do. Our Finishing Moulding Light Gel works well on curly and wavy hair to give locks a tousled look that gracefully falls across the face.


A short-hairdo with attitudes needs a hard hold wax. Our Finishing Moulding Wax (Hard Hold) contains plant botanicals to keep hair nourished and healthy while providing a firm hold for spiky hairstyles and a matte finish.


Our Finishing Moulding Cream Paste (Medium Hold) provides pliable control without stiffness, giving just enough hold to keep medium-length hair combed over the top of the head and tapering at the back.

For more hair gels and waxes, see Trulux Hair Care.

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