Moisture-ready cosmetics

Moisture-ready cosmetics

To withstand the rigours of water, tears and sweat, you need sunscreen and makeup formulas that will ‘stay put when the going gets tough, aka waterproof cosmetics.

What do the following things have in common?

  • A hot, humid day
  • A pool party
  • A soppy movie
  • Athletics carnival

They all provide the conditions for your makeup to slide off your face! Anyone who finds themselves in these situations and wants their makeup to look top-notch all day, or sunscreen with long-lasting protection, needs formulas that will withstand the onslaught of moisture.

This is where water resistance/waterproofing comes in.

Waterproof makeup is not only helpful in humid climates; it is a necessity at weddings, sad movies … and any occasion where the tissue box comes out. In conjunction with water-resistant sunscreen, it’s also a must when hanging out at the beach or running a marathon!

In the past, oils, fats and waxes were added to products to provide resistance to water; however, their success was limited. And the formulas tended to be thick and gluggy, and they often became cakey while wearing.

However, there are water-resistant and waterproof polymers on the market to save the day. They feel comfortable on the skin and stop your makeup or sunscreen from sliding off your face when moisture takes hold.

These polymers provide:

  • water and wear resistance properties
  • moisture barrier properties
  • pigment dispersant agents, and
  • suspending agents

Waterproofing ingredients

Antron WP-660 (Triacontanyl PVP) by Ashland Specialty Chemical is substantive to the skin and provides moisture barrier properties. It has a melting point of ~63°C and is used in water-resistant body care, colour cosmetics, facial care, after-sun, self-tanning and sunscreen applications.

Recommended for:

  • Sun care (protection, after-sun, self-tanning)
  • Decorative cosmetics / make-up
  • Skincare (facial care, facial cleansing, body care, baby care)
  • Toiletries (shower, bath, oral care, deodorants)

Tru-Protect Sun is a patented waterproofing agent and solubilizer for UV actives, as well as improving transfer resistance in colour cosmetics, such as lipsticks, mascara, and foundations. It is a synergistic combination of high molecular weight, water-resistant polymer with a light dry emollient. The combination yields a fluid with superior solubility for organic UV filters. LexFilm Sun is a pourable fluid and the only oil phase excipient needed.

Recommended for:

  • Sun care (protection, after-sun, self-tanning)
  • Decorative cosmetics / make-up

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