Personalised skin care | for the discerning customer

Personalised skin care | for the discerning customer

The demand for personalised skin care, created for individuals by beauty professionals, brands or online tools, is rising.

With all the trappings of image awareness, the digital revolution has created a new breed of customers: men and women who are discerning the products they put on their skin. They demand bespoke face creams and serums that are luxurious and exclusive and provide optimal results for their environment, lifestyle and skin type.

Although there will always be a place for mass-produced products, an opportunity exists to capture this niche market.

Skin care professionals who take the time to start the conversation find their clients are seeking something other than the ready-made products on the shelf.

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It's not just about service anymore; it's about the experience. And core to the background is the made-to-order movement. Tailor-making solutions with clients for their purposes not only provide them with luxurious and exclusive products that provide excellent results but leave clients feeling empowered.

But it's not just beauty therapists reaping the rewards of personalised skin care. Entrepreneurs, brands, vendors and online retailers can make authentic connections with clients by providing a mix-and-match alchemist's approach to skin care.

What you'll need are:

  • customisable bases addressing general key concerns
  • optional active ingredients
  • and clear instructions and dispensing units for easy mixing

Online tools

Savvy online companies have started providing digital tools that capture customers' specific skin care needs and issues to offer tailor-made formulas that are not too demanding on the wallet.

The online tools ask some questions, including age, skin tone, skin type, skin concerns, formula texture, environment, lifestyle, and genetics. The device then compiles the answers and blends a personalised product that addresses the client's problems.

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