Pollution | public enemy #1 | premature aging

Pollution | public enemy #1 | premature aging

For a long time, pollution was considered dirt or dust that could be easily removed by cleansing.

However, it has been discovered that pollution is a massive accelerator of premature aging, including wrinkles and dull complexions ā€“ and is considered the #1 public enemy of health and beauty.

Recognized as a significant health problem by WHO, studies have shown that effects on the skin from pollution are caused by oxidative stress* carried by particles as well as nitric oxide, ozone and other pollutants.

Pollution is particularly problematic in many Asian capitals where air pollution ā€“ including ground-level ozone pollution, particulate matter, traffic fumes, UV rays and smog ā€“ has hit critical levels.


Premature aging and the battle with pollution

Until we can control pollution and bring it back to acceptable levels, it is strongly recommended that a non-occlusive skin shield for immediate and physical protection is added to skincare, haircare and even cosmetics products ā€“ in addition to anti-free radicals likeĀ Pomegranate seed oil,Ā antioxidant, detoxifying, restructuring and natural self-defence agents.

PollustopĀ® is the new indispensable weapon to fight against pollution!

Preservative-free PollustopĀ® is a deacetylated branched polysaccharide with a high molecular weight that forms a non-occlusive film on the surface of the skin and hair ā€“ essentially building a protective barrier against atmospheric pollution, UV rays, and domestic pollution.

PollustopĀ® is recommended forĀ hair,Ā skincare,Ā anti-aging treatments,Ā sun, anti-pollution, and daily protective care. Trulux offers hair protection likeĀ Silk Hydrating Serum, skin protection likeĀ Anti-Pollution SerumĀ and much more availableĀ here.Ā 


*Oxidative stress is essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants.

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