Revolutionising at home hair color

Revolutionising at home hair color

From Millennials to Baby Boomers, modern consumers are expecting more from their at-home hair-color kits than what was available a generation ago.

In the past, if someone wanted to associate with a punk subculture, they’d walk around with an edgy ’do, bold hair color and a practised sneer. But today, you don’t have to belong to a fringe group to dye your hair pink, blue or even green.

Bold hair colors have become mainstream, and modern consumers want all the colors of the rainbow available to them in their at home hair color kits!

However, it’s not only the young and young-at-heart who are demanding more from at home hair color. Practically every demographic are seeking more. They are looking for trailblazing products to cover roots between salon visits, conceal grey hair, and add a splash of bold color – without going to the extreme lengths 80s punks went to achieve their brilliant colors!

Instant temporary color

Pink, blue, purple or green. Hair brands are now offering quick fixes for those looking to change up their hair color for a party or night out. From colored hair spray and hair makeup that wash out after one wash, to semi-permanent colors that can stay put up to 15 washes, bold hair color is making a dramatic statement and making heads turn.

Vibrant permanent color

New bold and vibrant shades have also been added to the permanent hair color range, although you won’t find green and blue here. Promising to seal in color-intense pigments, these permanent colors come in hues such as rose blonde, blue black and violet. They are applied using a special brush that allows for optimal strand-by-strand application and seamless blendability.

Lighten and brighten

Hair brands are also giving consumers the option to expand their hair-color wardrobe with special effects’ products. Applying an ammonia-free soft bleach will lighten dark hair or help achieve the ombre look. Fashionistas can then apply a bold temporary color or spray to their hair for added vivacity.

In between salon visit cover ups

Temporary root touch-up and concealer products are helping consumers to save money by extending the time between salon visits. With a wide range of hues and the promise to seamlessly blend with leading hair brand shades and salon color, root touch ups and concealers are helping grey hair never see the light of day.

Root touch-up sprays use pigments that adhere to the hair fibre and are said to self-adjust to match the hair color. They come with a pin-point applicator to target the grey area for a temporary boost of color.

Root concealers, on the other hand, use a lightweight binding powder to deliver instant, temporary coverage. Featuring a color binding complex, it is said to glide over the hair and lock in color with just one swipe. The hidden sponge applicator also allows consumers to pop it in their handbag and apply touch ups on the go.

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