Silsoft 034 | a silicone product | from Momentive

Silsoft 034 | a silicone product | from Momentive

Silsoft 034 is an organosilicone fluid and an excellent candidate for a wide range of cosmetic formulations and products.

It is best known for modifying the feel of products, as well as improving the spreadability of a variety of cosmetic oils. If formulations include ingredients that contribute high levels of greasiness such as petrolatum, mineral oils, cosmetic esters or vegetable oils, the addition of Silsoft 034 helps the end product feel less greasy.

Momentive’s Silsoft 034 is also an excellent option to use as a silicone as it assists in reducing the rub on time for lotions and creams. This reduced rub on time is due to the improved spreading of the oil ingredients in the formulation.

In cosmetic formulas using color Silsoft 034 can provide a silky after feel. It also significantly improves the dispersibility of inorganic pigments in formulations that contain organic oils.

This product is also the most compatible with a large range of oils and waxes. This is because Silsoft 034 is a low molecular weight and low viscosity polysiloxane modified with an octyl pendant group.

The potential cosmetic applications for using this product is far reaching:

Skincare – Can be used in conjunction with most oils used in skin care product formulations. It is also include to assist products in producing a soft, non-tacky after feel. It also ensures uniform coverage and reduced rub on time.

Color Cosmetics – Silsoft 034 is very effective in dispersing non inorganic pigments in oils. It makes this particular raw material an extremely useful tool in color cosmetic formulations such as mascaras, foundations,  liquid makeup and eye shadow.

Bath Oils and Tanning Oils – Silsoft 034 can be a potential use in this department to help provide a silky after feel, reduce tackiness and to help improve the spreadbility of the oil on the skin.

Hair Treatments – Again, there is potential to use Silsoft 034 in the area as it can be used in oil based treatments to ensure it provides a non-greasy feeling, as well as helping to improve the wetting and spreading of the formulation in hair.

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Images and content courtesy of Momentive.

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