So you want to become a private label cosmetics manufacturer

So you want to become a private label cosmetics manufacturer

You’ve decided to start your beauty label. You want to see your brand in specialty shops or chain stores nationwide. Fantastic.

But before you start your journey as a private-label cosmetics manufacturer, take a step back. Breathe. And get all your beauty products in a row.

Identify and establish your niche.

Start by identifying your market niche and develop a good quality product that addresses and solves the problems of that market. If you try to be all things to everyone, your business may not stay afloat.

You may feel compelled to develop products you would like to use yourself. However, to take the right line of action, you need to have a specific problem that others need to address.

Keep it simple

There is so much to choose from when putting together a beauty label: categories, products, ingredients, new technologies, packaging, artwork, fragrances… the list goes on.

Be decisive about what you want to launch. Start with one product line that is uniquely yours.

Adding one special ingredient to an existing formula may be all you need for the product to ‘talk’ to your customers.

Alternatively, use a scientific-backed, state-of-the-art formula with innovative ingredients, such as plant stem cells and peptides, to capture your target market.

Think outside the box

Look out for potential market opportunities – there might be one right in front of your very eyes!

For example, our blog about Male Grooming looked at millennial males. This demographic is visiting barber shops and grooming parlours and spending big on men’s grooming products to maintain their social media image.

Men’s grooming products will outpace more traditional cosmetic segments in the next decade. So do some research and find out what’s happening in the marketplace before outlaying a lot of time and money.

Ask the experts

Don’t have the expertise or the capital to develop a product on your own? Don’t worry; that’s where Trulux comes in. Trulux is a bespoke, private-label cosmetics manufacturer offering complete turnkey service – or as much service as you need.

Our fully qualified in-house chemists can take your concept idea and convert it into a reality, providing you with a unique product. We will guide you through the intricate development process, ensuring the end formula meets your customers’ needs.

Trulux understands how businesses work, and with innovation as our motivation in building brands, you can rest assured of the quality of our advanced manufacturing solutions. Our innovative approach to providing cosmetics contract manufacturing services to small and medium-sized businesses allows us to create a seamless and efficient process for our clients, from product development and formulation to private label manufacturing, filling, packing, and packaging. Click here to learn more.


If, on the other hand, you want to manufacture your products, we can supply you with all the raw ingredients you need.

We pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting only the highest quality ingredients. Our expert team and trusted suppliers ensure the consistency and integrity of our elements is second to none.

We can also provide any steps you need in manufacturing your private-label cosmetics line, including R&D, formulation, testing, artwork, printing, packaging and manufacture.


As we wrote in our blog, Getting Started in the Cosmetics Industry, if you sell cosmetics under your name, you are legally responsible for it. This includes the labelling and product claims in advertising material and brochures.

If you don’t have all the expertise and stringent quality control practices, then using Trulux to develop and manufacture your beauty line may solve your problem.

We operate under strict guidelines and to the highest possible standards. Our standards are based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and ISO. Our team includes chemistry, formulation, microbiology, and regulatory affairs professionals and fully trained manufacturing and packing staff to ensure compliance with all cosmetic products and manufacturing guidelines.

Here are the sample private-label products that Trulux offers:

More private-label products are here. 

Here’s to success

To be a successful beauty brand:

  1. Start small.
  2. Make your product simple, effective and unique to your brand.
  3. Turn to social media and market it like there is no tomorrow!

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