Summer skin and hair care | sorted!

Summer skin and hair care | sorted!

With the summer season in full swing, your clients may find the heat, sun, salt and chlorine water wreaking havoc on their skin and hair. Fortunately, Trulux has a wide range of products to manage the summertime blues.

To help you locate products that are up to the job, we’ve put together a summer skin and hair care bucket list. From skin-renewing facial oils to softening exfoliants and anti-frizz treatments to instant tans and sun protection, Trulux has beautiful, ready-made skin and hair care waiting for you to relabel with your brand.

Problem: Sunburn

Solution: BB Cream with SPF15/ After Sun Cream

Prevention is the best line of defence when it comes to sunburn. For clients who like a tinted moisturiser for their face, they can’t go past our BB cream with an SPF15 rating. Containing Rosehip Oil and Purple Ginseng, it is soothing and hydrating and adds a light matt tinted coverage. After a day in the sun, recommend applying After Sun Cream to their whole body and as a part of their summer beauty routine. Browse SPF products here. 

Problem: Blemished and rough skin

Solution: Gentle Exfoliant

Summer can take its toll on all skin types. The intense heat and sweat can cause oily skin to break out at the most inconvenient times, while dry skin can become dehydrated and rough. Exfoliating twice a week removes dead skin cells and dry spots, as well as unclogging pores that can lead to blackheads and acne. Our non-abrasive facial Gentle Exfoliant is mild and non-irritating and will leave skin soft and smooth ready for moisture.

Advise clients to follow with a moisturiser that suits their skin type. From Dry, Normal to Dry, Normal and Oily Skin, we have their moisturising needs covered. All our moisturisers prevent trans epidermal water loss, while the oily skin moisturiser also helps control oil production.

Problem: Dehydrated skin

Solution: Hydrating Face Oil

When skin is dry and flaky or struggling to maintain moisture during the hot weather, supplementing your skincare routine with a face oil will help lock in moisture. Our fast-absorbing Hydrating Face Oil should be applied after cleansing and then followed by a soothing moisturiser. Scientifically formulated, our face oil provides immediate and long-lasting hydration resulting in a complexion that has a natural, healthy glow. More skincare products here.

Problem: Dry, dull hair

Solution: Anti-frizz Leave-in Conditioner

The sun, sea, wind and chlorine can do severe hair damage. We suggest customers pamper their locks with our Anti-frizz Leave-in Conditioner to reverse the damage. The deep conditioning treatment is designed to smooth frizz, detangle, hydrate and give hair renewed lustre and shine. More Hair care products here. 

Problem: Pale or pasty skin

Solution: Instant tan

People stuck in an office all day or with skin that just doesn’t tan easily but who want that natural sun-kissed glow for summer can’t overlook a self-tanning solution. Containing argan oil and shea butter, our Self-Tanning Face Cream with SPF15 nourishes skin while providing moderate UV protection and an even tanning effect. Our Self-Tanning Body Cream can achieve a natural, all-over body golden tan. Both products provide streak-free tans in just four hours. What’s not to like?

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