Probiotics’ effect on our health

You may have heard the name of probiotics in foods and dairy products like yogurt and cheese. Besides these known applications, probiotics can be used topically too. Let’s understand the probiotics definition in detail then we learn their cosmeceutical usage together.

The history of probiotics

The background of using probiotics goes back to ancient time when people use fermented products due to their advantages. The word probiotic consists of two parts, pro which means for and biotic which means life, so probiotic means good for life. The first observations of the benefits of probiotics were made by Eli Mechnikov, a Russian scientist and Nobel prize winner. In the early 20th century, he announced that it was possible to modify the intestinal microbial flora and replace harmful microorganisms with beneficial ones.    

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are the existing living microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and yeasts in our body which have benefits for our health. It may seem strange to you that bacteria can be useful too, but it’s true, some bacteria have benefits for our body and don’t harm us. We are their host and they protect us in return.   

The locations in which you can find these useful probiotics in your body are skin, vagina, gastrointestinal system, etc. Probiotics keep our body healthy by protecting us against harmful bacteria and other external factors.

Therapeutic effects of probiotics

It has been proved that if you make a sterile environment without any bacteria in your gut, like the underdeveloped situation of kids, the immune system can’t defend from the body against harmful factors.

Probiotics help the digestion process. When harmful microorganisms like a bacterium enters our body, probiotics start fighting with it and help the body maintain it’s balance by boosting the immune system. They also have anti-inflammatory effects. During a sickness, it is recommended to use probiotics with antibiotics to remove the side effects. They can use as the treatment of diarrhea too. Probiotics are also useful in prevention and treatment of women's diseases.

How probiotics have beneficial effects  

Probiotics bring benefits to our health by various mechanisms:

  • Inhibiting harmful bacteria functions
  • Competition with harmful microorganisms in finding a position
  • Competition for gaining food

During our everyday life, the population of these beneficial microorganisms change and decrease due to environmental circumstances or sickness. This can itself lead to other illnesses, so we should keep a balance between the number of these 2 groups of bacteria.

How to consume probiotics

You can increase the number of probiotics in your body by using fiber rich foods like grains, vegetables and fruits. The good bacteria proliferate by using fiber and their population elevate. Probiotics are available in fermented products too. You can also use them as supplements in different types like powder, capsule and syrup. Topical application of probiotics is the recent development these days.

Topical usage of probiotics  

Clinical studies have shown that probiotics can be beneficial not only by oral consumption but also by topical usage.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and contains it’s own natural and normal microbes and bacteria which is called microbiota. This microbiota helps protecting our skin against harmful factors, balancing skin’s pH and improving it’s functions. During grow up, this normal microbiota exposes to pollution, UV, stress, ageing and hormonal changes thus, it’s balance will be disturbed and we should help it in a way to restore it’s healthy situation. Using probiotics topically is the solution here. They are the beneficial bacteria like the ones present on our healthy skin which fortifies our skin defense system and strengthens skin in front of pathogens, stress, pollution, etc.

It has been proved that a probiotic like lactobacillus ferment, which is one of the key ingredients of Trulux Probiotics, significantly increases the secretion of proteins which recovers the body from and oxidative stress to a normal physiological state. It also increases skin moisture and elasticity.

If you have a sensitive skin and want to combat irritations besides nourishing and taking care of your skin 24 hours a day, you are only one step away from pre + probiotic products range of Trulux Biotics.


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