Trulux has partnered with a printing house to provide you with quality labels and design. But that’s not all! Label designs and application are just the beginning. At Trulux, we can provide all your packaging needs – from container to cap, design to printed label and application.
We also give you a choice of catchy color options and sleek presentations. We can provide you with a large selection of stock dyes, each prepped to add a vibrant element to your packaging. Colorful designs are brought to life through top-of-the-line, digital HP Indigo and CMYK printing processes.


Our low minimums allow you to make your product shine, even in small quantities. We print labels starting at 500 units (per SKU) and offer application services in full case quantities.


Labels can be crafted based on product functionality. Looking for a water resistant shampoo decoration? What about a freezer-grade label for an ice-cream line? All this is available at one place when you do your labelling with Trulux.


Projects are completed quickly and efficiently - from order placement and artwork approval to arrival at your doorstep.


Appeal to your customers’ senses, not just their eyes, with a little sparkle in your design. Simply add a dash of metallic silver or gold spot color. Alternatively, entice customers to pick up your product with tactile and embossed label effects.


Labels “speak” to prospective customers about your product and your company. This makes label design and packaging a critical aspect in achieving a successful product,
Our expert design team will develop the look and feel of your label to work with your package design, and influence your target demographic.

We also understand that other countries have different regulations and are willing to accommodate that.
Whether you have an existing label design that needs improving, or you’d like to create a brand new one, we can help you achieve success in designing the perfect label for your product.