Our team of fully qualified chemists and full-time lab staff operate an in-house, state-of-the-art facility in Sydney. This allows us to conduct the majority of our research and development onsite. The convenience of onsite testing and formulation development greatly contributes to increased efficiencies in manufacturing times and cost savings.

Our professional team uses a vast collection of authoritative and innovative resources to conduct research and development to provide our clients with tailored solutions for their every need and budget.

We pride ourselves on sourcing and selecting only the highest quality ingredients. Using cutting-edge ingredients, such as plant stem cells, peptides and vitamins to reverse the signs of aging, our committed team of chemists can take your concept idea and transform it into a state-of-the-art formula.

We are constantly researching and gathering detailed scientific knowledge on raw materials and their effectiveness to improve and expand our product lines and formulations.

Information sharing on raw material technical data, material safety data sheets and clinical data is provided through our vendors and our close relationship with their laboratories. We also use online references, academic references and the latest clinical trials and sources to contribute to research.

Our development processes are assigned lab numbers and undergo systematic testing of various actives and ingredient interactions.

Samples are often provided to client focus panels for assessment to ensure every formula meets our standard for high quality products, safe formulations, competitive pricing and client specifications before it is manufactured.

We provide a world-class service to small-to-medium businesses, established brands, physicians, aestheticians and other skin and hair care professionals, while our expert team and trusted suppliers ensure the consistency and integrity of our ingredients is second to none.