The Trulux
Marketplace Advantage

Expand Your Reach Instantly

Trulux Marketplace brings together suppliers and customers in one convenient place, making it easier than ever to buy and sell raw materials. As Australia’s leading B2B platform for cosmetic ingredients, we help you connect with high-intent customers actively seeking what you have to offer.


Display Your Products on Australia’s Premier B2B Chemical Marketplace

Increase your visibility and generate more leads. Present your products to a vast audience customers who rely on the Trulux Marketplace for their sourcing needs.

List Your Products
and Sell Directly to Customers

Our user-friendly platform allows sellers to list their products quickly and easily. Create your storefront, reach customers directly, and manage your sales seamlessly. Trulux Marketplace empowers you to connect with buyers, build relationships, and grow your business.

Transaction Facilitation

Trulux handles all the transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure payment process. Focus on what you do best—creating and supplying great products—while we take care of the logistics.

Warehousing Support

Take advantage of our warehousing services to store your products securely. We provide flexible storage solutions and can manage your inventory, ensuring timely fulfillment and delivery to your customers.

Trulux’ Service Approach

Get the tools you need to support your customers through their entire buying journey.

Showcase your company and products to thousands of beauty industry buyers

Generate new business opportunities

Boost your online visibility

Join Trulux’s Growing Marketplace

List your products on Trulux and connect with a community of industry professionals. Trulux Marketplace offers a powerful platform to help you expand your reach, enhance your brand visibility, and grow your business, no matter your size.