The first step in developing products with Trulux is to select the process you would like us to be involved with, i.e; would you like us to source raw materials and packaging, manufacture, fill and assemble for you. Select the number of units you want, then we fill the units to volume.

As a guide we do not do less than 1000 units of a 50ml product. (50kg) We can work with you to customize your processing experience so that the manufacturing fits your products perfectly and we can offer you very competitive prices due to our connections throughout the industry.

We can develop the formula and provide samples for your evaluation and "fine tuning". We can provide a quote and suggest the most economical conditions to minimise costs and maximise presentation. After quote approval we can organise the logistics and give you indicative dates of finished goods based on the longest lead time items.

If you have chosen to supply us with the bulk products we work with you and identify the details to ensure the smooth coordination of all operations is achieved. Confidentiality is assured throughout the process and agreements can be signed and exchanged. Our documented production methods and batch documents, together with our Quality Control and Quality Assurance Departments are used to manufacture every product. This regimented system provides an assurance that we treat your product as though it were our own.