The vitamin C rich in Cucumber has been used for many years and is well documented in folk medicine as an antiinflammatory and heat reducer. The application of Cucumber can be immensely beneficial due to its ability to cool and cleanse the skin, with a number of skin conditions and some skin disorders responding well to the application of Cucumber. A Cucumber eye lotion can be used to calm and soothe the external eye, while the application of a cucumber after sun lotion on sun burnt skin can help to reduce inflammation. Skin conditions such as Eczema and Arthritis may be made more comfortable from an application of a Cucumber cream. Cucumber is known to be an excellent skin softener and cleanser making it an ideal material to use in a Cucumber cleansing facial toner to apply to the tired, stressed skin at the end of a hard day. It is also reported that Cucumber acts as a repellent to insects.


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