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Cruelty Free
100% Vegan
Sulfate Free
Parabens Free

A daily cream to keep your skin moisturised and protected all day long with SPF 15.

Function Hydration /SPF  
Texture Creamy White
Skin Type All Skin Type
Fragrance Gardenia

Usage: Apply to cleansed and toned skin and massage until absorbed.

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SKUSizePrice Quantity
TRSP-0143GN-01-50ML 50ML$11.00 USD i
TRPL-0143GN-01-1L 1L$118.00 USD i
TRPL-0143NU-01-1L 1L$118.00 USD i
TRPL-0143GN-01-5L 5L$506.00 USD i
TRPL-0143NU-01-5L 5L$506.00 USD i
TRPL-0143GN-01-10L 10L$941.00 USD i
TRPL-0143NU-01-10L 10L$941.00 USD i
TRPL-0143GN-01-20L 20L$1,610.00 USD i
TRPL-0143NU-01-20L 20L$1,610.00 USD i
Retail size 50ML is available in Fragranced option only.
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