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RSPO compliant

PALM DERIVATIVES STATUSPalm derived (RSPO, sustainable)

* Where Vegan suitable means free from animal derived substances.

* Further documentation available with purchase




  • Anti-redness / Anti-couperose Agents
  • Emulsifiers > Co-emulsifiers
  • Emulsifiers > Emulsifiers O/W (Oil in Water)
  • Emulsifiers > Emulsifiers W/O (Water in oil)
  • Moisturizing Agents
  • Nourishing Agents
  • Soothing Agents
  • soothing
  • bio/ organic
  • moisturizing
  • nourishing

Applications/Recommended for:

  • Skin care (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, Baby care)>Facial care>Eye Care Gels & creams
  • Skin care (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, Baby care)>Baby care
  • Skin care (Facial care, Facial cleansing, Body care, Baby care)>Body care
  • Sun care (Sun protection, After-sun & Self-tanning)
  • Toiletries (Shower & Bath, Oral care…)>Foot care
  • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up>Eye liners
  • Toiletries (Shower & Bath, Oral care…)>Antiperspirants & deodorants>Deodorants sticks and roll-on
  • Toiletries (Shower & Bath, Oral care…)>Depilatories & after depilation
  • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up>Lipsticks & Glosses
  • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up>Mascaras
  • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up>Eye pencils
  • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up>Eyes Shadows & Creams
  • Decorative cosmetics/Make-up>Nail treatments
  • Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)>Shampoos
  • Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)>Treatment products
  • Hair care (Shampoos, Conditioners & Styling)>Conditionners & detangling products

Recommended use levels:

1-10%, depending on the application


Similar or Equivalent to:

  • Cithrol GMS-40 PW (Croda Inc.)
  • AEC Glyceryl Stearate (A & E Connock (Perfumery & Cosmetics) Ltd.)
  • Akoline MG-P (AarhusKarlshamn Sweden AB)
  • Alkamuls GMS (Rhodia Inc.)
  • Botanimulse GMS (Botanigenics, Inc)
  • Capmul GMS-50K (Abitec Corporation)
  • Ceral MN (Fabriquimica S.R.L.)
  • Ceral MNT (Fabriquimica S.R.L.)
  • Cerasynt SD (Ashland Inc.)
  • Customulse GMS (Custom Ingredients, Inc.)
  • Cutina GMS (BASF Corporation)
  • Dub GMS (Stearinerie Dubois Fils)
  • Geleol (Gattefosse s.a.s.)
  • HallStar GMS Pure (The HallStar Company)
  • Imwitor 491 (Cremer Oleo)
  • Imwitor 900 K (Cremer Oleo)
  • Imwitor 900 P (Cremer Oleo)
  • Jeechem GMS-450 (Jeen International Corporation)
  • Lanesta 24 (Lanaetex Products, Inc.)
  • Lexemul 515 (Inolex Inc.)
  • Lipo GMS 450 (Lipo Chemicals, Inc.)
  • Lonzest GML-D (Lonza)
  • Lonzest GMS (Lonza)
  • Lonzest GMS-LG (Lonza)
  • Megalube 2686 (Megachem Pty Ltd)
  • Nikkol MGS-A (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-AMV (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-B (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-BMV (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-BV (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-BV2 (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-F20 (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-F40 (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Nikkol MGS-F50 (Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.)
  • Norfox GMS (Norman Fox, & Co.)
  • Norfox GMS-SE (Norman Fox, & Co.)
  • OriStar GM (Orient Stars LLC)
  • OriStar GS (Orient Stars LLC)
  • Prodhybase GLA (Laboratoires Prod’Hyg)
  • Protachem GMS-450 (Protameen Chemicals)
  • Radiamuls MG 2643K (Oleon NV)
  • Radiamuls MG 2910K (Oleon NV)
  • Radiasurf 7143 (Oleon NV)
  • Rita GMS (Rita Corporation)
  • Sabowax GMS (Sabo s.p.a.)
  • Sorbon MG-100 (Toho Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.)
  • Sunsoft 8000 (Taiyo Kagaku Company, Ltd.)
  • Sympatens-GMS (Kolb Distribution Ltd.)
  • Tegin 4100 Pellets (Evonik Industries AG)
  • Tegin M Pellets (Evonik Industries AG)
  • Unitina MD (Universal Preserv-A-Chem, Inc.)
  • Unitina MD-A (Universal Preserv-A-Chem, Inc.)
  • Unitolate GS (Universal Preserv-A-Chem, Inc.)
  • Zohar GLST (Zohar DALIA)


CAS Number:31566-31-1

Glyceryl Stearate


Glyceryl Stearate

Acts as co-emulsifier for w/o & o/w emulsions. Modifies viscosity and improves stability emulsions. Used for baby care, body care, facial care, sun care, conditioners, facial make-up, sprayable emulsions, eyecare, specific skin care treatments, feet hands as well as nails, shampoos, hair care treatments, roll on deodorants, color cosmetics – lip and face and depilatories.

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